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Eligibility on Income only - Salaried

This calculation is used by banks to determine loan eligibility of salaried individuals on basis of income.

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  • Bankers calculate eligibility on the basis of net income received by individuals.
  • Normally salary received in the last 6 months and reflected in salary slip is observed and net income per month is considered for loan eligibility calculation.
  • Different slab rates are considered for calculation, e.g. if a person’s salary is INR 50,000 then 65% of his / her net salary (after taking into account any existing EMI) is considered. This 65% is assumed to be applied towards EMI of proposed loan and remaining 35% is assumed to be used for household purposes.
  • These slabs are very important and are known as Fixed Obligation to Income Ratio, commonly called FOIR.
  • The above calculator shows the loan eligibility based on income, EMI on eligible loan amount and the FOIR considered.
  • There is a bifurcation made for Resident and Non-Resident persons. This is because the FOIR considered for NRIs in banks is lower.

Disclaimer:  All calculators posted in this website are only for educational purpose. The objective is to help any individual/company/firm to calculate their eligibility on their own as a basic step in order to understand their financial eligibility to pay their EMI. VAKLoans do not fund neither assist in any kind of funding through any Financial Institutions.